Gaomi Nanyang Food Co., Ltd., 
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Gaomi Nanyang Food Co., Ltd., founded in September 2005, is located at the west side of Wangjiaguan Village, Xiazhuang Town, Gaomi City, Shandong Province. It has a registered capital of 10 million yuan and its legal representative is Tian Youyou.
The company has a floor area of 66,770 square meters and a fixed capital of 0.25 billion yuan. It is mainly engaged in one-packaged production including breeding hen breeding, incubation, dorking breeding, dorking slaughter processing and cooked food seasoning. The company has a breeding hen farm with the capacity of 40,000 chickens and a hatchery with the capacity of 40,000 chickens, eight large-scale standard breeding farms with the breeding amount of 150,000 chickens each batch, a dorking slaughter processing workshop with the daily slaughtering amount of 100,000 dorkings and a cooked food seasoning workshop.
The company has a main workshop of 13,000 square meters and more than 1,000 staff including more than 100 junior college graduates and technical secondary school graduates. Middle-level managers of the company are excellent managers who have been engaged in the industry for years. The general manager of the company puts forward the management goal of “High Starting Point, Forging Quality Goods of the Industry; High Positioning, Create Time-honored Enterprise”, and all staff believes in the management philosophy of “All the People with One Purpose Will Win”. In June 2006, the company passed the examination of CQC and obtained the certification of HACCP Food Safety Management System. In 2006, the company obtained the HALAL Certification issued by the Islam Organization of Shandong Province. In 2009, the company passed ISO22000 Certification. In January 2011, the company obtained the export record certificate number: 3700/03443. The breeding farm obtained the export record certificate number: WF3707/03443001-008. In July 2011, both the breeding farm and the company passed the acceptance inspection of Provincial Livestock Raising Bureau and obtained the certification of pollution-free producing area and the certification of pollution-free product.
The production and processing process of the company is in strict accordance with HACCP system. The company has an independent quality control department which implements whole-course monitoring on the processing flow, and a laboratory which has advanced detection equipment. Products of the company win the favor of customers by stable quality.
In 2008, the company was approved as “Weifang Municipal Leading Enterprise”. From 2008 to 2012, the company was awarded “Gaomi Top-ten Leading Enterprise” by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government of Gaomi City for four years successively.
Products of the company are sold to large and medium-sized cities around China and are especially popular in Beijing, Shanghai, Ningxia and Lanzhou, realizing an annual sales amount of about 3,000 tons in Ningxia and Lanzhou. Some products of the company are exported to Arab countries in the Middle East.
Each year, the company hatches 5 million chicks, breeds about 10 million dorkings, slaughters 20 million dorkings, sells 40,000 tons of products and processes 6,000 tons of seasoned cooked food. In 2011, the company realized the sales income of 0.8 billion yuan and the profit of 13 million yuan and paid the tax of 1.3 million yuan.
The company is specialized in producing segmented chicken products such as chicken wing, chicken breast, chicken leg, chicken foot, chicken heart and chicken gizzard.